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close this bookLooking Deeper into the HIV Epidemic: A Questionnaire for Tracing Sexual Networks (UNAIDS; 1998; 24 pages)
View the document1. Introduction
View the document2. The individual questionnaire for evaluation
View the document3. Risk networks: the need for research in sexual networks
View the document4. Implications for data collection methods
View the document5. Questionnaire design
View the document6. Collecting data
View the document7. Analysing the data
View the document8. Future research
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Open this folder and view contentsAppendix - Multi-site study : questionnaire I - Men and Women

Looking Deeper into the HIV Epidemic: A Questionnaire for Tracing Sexual Networks



This questionnaire was developed with the assistance of J. Cleland, E. Konings and J. Anarfi and was finalized by M. Carael. It has benefitted from fruitful comments from the multi-site study team: A. Buve, M. Laga, R. Hayes, L. Williams, B. Auvert, N.J. Robinson, B. Ferry, M. Laourou, L. Kanhonou, P Huygens, E. Akam, S. Abega, T. Sukwa, F. Kaona, N. Ruthenberg and J. Shege. It was also reviewed by M. Morris.


© Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, 1998.All rights reserved. This publication may be freely reviewed, quoted, reproduced or translated, in part or in full, provided the source is acknowledged. It may not be sold or used in conjunction with commercial purposes without prior written approval from UNAIDS (contact: UNAIDS Information Centre - 20, avenue Appia - 1211 Geneva 27 - Switzerland or e-mail:


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