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Why literacy for women

Asian Cultural Centre for Unesco (ACCU), Tokyo

© Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
published by the Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU), Tokyo
6, Fukuromachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162, Japan



To let learners know how much benefit women can get through literacy skills and to motivate them to learn how to read and write



Beginning level neo-literate women

Guide for Utilization



1. After distributing the booklet to the learners, the instructor explains it to them, answers queries and asks them to read it.

2. The instructor may ask them to think of an answer to each question mentioned in the booklet before referring to the answer page.

3. The instructor then leads the learners in a discussion on why literacy is important for women.

© Asian Cultural Centre for Unesco (ACCU), Tokyo, 1991

Planned and produced under the Asian Pacific Joint Production Programme of Materials for Neo-Literates in Rural Areas (AJP) in co-operation with Unesco PROAP

Illustrated by Sharad Ranjit (Nepal)

Asian Cultural Centre for Unesco (ACCU), 6 Fukuromachi, Shinuku-ku, Tokyo, 162 Japan

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