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close this bookSPORE Bulletin of the CTA No. 01 (CTA; 1986; 16 pages)
View the documentLocusts of the year 2000
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View the documentEthiopia: spectacular response of indigenous clovers to phosphates
View the documentBananas genetic research becomes more organized
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View the documentFarmers' welfare in Ghana
View the documentBurning rice for fuel
View the documentA manual rice thresher
View the documentAlley cropping versus fertilizer
View the documentFungi that benefit plants
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View the documentSpore dissemination and germination
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View the documentNew rice growing manual
View the documentAgriculture and livestock management
View the documentAfrican food self-sufficiency still elusive

Spore dissemination and germination

You are reading the first issue of SPORE, the bulletin of the Centre for Agricultural and Rural Technology. Yet another bulletin in a world where every institution from the tiniest to the mightiest has its own newsletter. But SPORE is different. Its title will give you a clue. Rather than promoting the agency putting it out, the title tells you what the bulletin is trying to do. SPORE aims to ensure the widest possible dissemination of information of relevance to the agricultural world, in order to fertilize ideas and allow them to germinate. It is in this down-to-earth way that SPORE hopes to participate in the process of rural development.

SPORE's subject matter will also be different. Rather than blowing its own trumpet and putting forward its own ideas, SPORE is here to be used. It is dedicated to a new form of North-South cooperation: a joint effort by all ACP and EEC states to achieve the major objective of eliminating food shortages by the end of the century.

Write in with your criticisms, suggestions, ideas and articles. Make use of the bulletin. It is available free of charge to everyone. Help in the process of dissemination yourself: write and tell us if you know someone who would like to receive a copy.

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