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close this bookAmaranth to Zai Holes, Ideas for Growing Food under Difficult Conditions (ECHO; 1996; 397 pages)
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Position announcement.

ECHO is adding a senior staff position in 1996 or 1997. The person chosen will have several years' experience in areas that will make him or her a great resource person for our network.

ECHO emphasizes the use of plants in agricultural development, but we have become a resource center for a broad range of issues faced by those working with small farmers. Consequently we need a core of people who are knowledgeable about many things and who have alert minds to filter all they hear and read for relevant ideas, techniques, information and seed sources to enrich the ministry of those in our network. In a few years we will probably have 3-4 technical people, each specializing in 1/3 to 1/4 of the areas of interest that ECHO covers.

The person chosen must have a devout Christian walk that can be a model for and earn respect from staff and interns; first-rate technical competence on a wide range of agricultural issues relevant to development and mission work; perspective that comes from extensive experience; a teacher's heart, to mentor interns and students; "perceived stature" as a valued consultant so that members of ECHO's network will consider a visit to us even more valuable; be very approachable, apt to listen first, then share just the right things to meet the expressed need. Requirements include at least a bachelor's degree and US citizenship or permission already granted to work in the USA. If you are interested, write first for more details and an application. (E-mail version is available.) Return to Index.

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