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close this bookAmaranth to Zai Holes, Ideas for Growing Food under Difficult Conditions (ECHO; 1996; 397 pages)
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Open this folder and view contents1: Basics of agricultural development
Open this folder and view contents2: Vegetables and small fruits in the tropics
Open this folder and view contents3: Staple crops
Open this folder and view contents4: Multipurpose trees
Open this folder and view contents5: Farming systems and gardening techniques
Open this folder and view contents6: Soil health and plant nutrition
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Open this folder and view contentsECHO development notes - issue 52
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Open this folder and view contents28 additional technical notes about tropical agriculture
close this folderPrinciples of agroforestry
View the documentIntroduction
View the documentWhat is agroforestry?
View the documentWhy agroforestry?
View the documentSummary of benefits of agroforestry (see definitions)
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View the documentThe trees
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Open this folder and view contentsGood nutrition on the small farm

Bibliography and useful publications

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