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close this bookGATE - 2/88 - 10 years GATE (GTZ GATE; 1988; 44 pages)
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Update on Flood Control in Lowland Areas

The storing of scarce water resources and the reduction of threats of erosion have become urgent needs in West Africa. An increasing number of small dams and "microdams" make it possible to improve the use of water and soil in lowlands and to protect and improve agricultural production. Nevertheless, some of these structures were built too hastily and do not correspond to people's needs since none of the factors which govern the environment can be neglected if a development operation is to be a success. This file thus describes the various hydrological, agronomic, sociological and economic studies which must be carried out in consultation with villagers during the design of a development scheme. It lists the technical data necessary for the completion of each type of structure. It is an essential guide for ail those who want the development of lowlands to be a true factor in development.

GRET (ed.) "La maƮtrise des crues dans le bas-fonds" (Update on Flood Control in Lowland Areas). Price: 190 FF. ISBN 2-36844-027-4. Available in French on/y. May be ordered from:

312, rue La Fayette
75010 Paris

Postage within France 20 FF, for foreign orders 30 FF. Air mail postage costs 50 FF. Orders should include a bank or post office cheque.

Wood Harvesting with Hand Tools

In many developing countries wood harvesting with hand tools continues on a large scale. With the shift of emphasis towards trees grown by rural people rather than forestry enterprises, it will gain importance in the years to come. This training manual provides basic information on efficient and safe equipment and methods for manual wood harvesting. At the same time, the information helps to ensure the fullest utilization of the available wood raw material.

The manual updates previous ILO publications on the same subject, while taking into account progress and new developments observed in recent years. It is richly illustrated to make it easily accessible and will be ideal for forestry training and rural extension work.

ILO (ed.): "Wood Harvesting with Hand Tools-An Illustrated Training Manual". 1937. ISBN92-2-106217-1. Price: 15 Swiss francs.

The publication can be obtained through major book sellers or lLO local offices in many countries, or direct from ILO Publications, /nternationa/Labour Office, CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland.

Biogas from Human Waste

In roughly 150 pages, this publication sums up the proceedings of a workshop organized last year by CORT (Consortium on Rural Technology) in India. The individual chapters of the book deal with social and health aspects, with the design of biogas plants, R & D considerations, the treatment and use of slurry from the plants, as well as possible strategies for the dissemination of such biogas plants and their integration in other development programmes.

The subject has generated a lot of interest in India. Biogas technology can contribute to a better standard of living through improving sanitation and fulfilling energy needs in rural areas, as well as providing nitrogen-rich manure for crops.

CORT (ed.): "Biogas from Human Waste", approx. 150 pp. Price Rs. 100 in India, US$ 25 abroad. Orders should be addressed to:

CORT D-320,
Laxmi Nagar
Delhi - 110092

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