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close this bookGATE - 2/88 - 10 years GATE (GTZ GATE; 1988; 44 pages)
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Dear Readers,

The main topic of this issue is dedicated to a birthday: the GATE division of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), set up on 1 July 1978, has now been in existence for ten years.
In this a reason for jubilation, for self-adulation, for patting oneself on the back, for celebration?

In fact, not for any of these things. When you work in the AT movement you soon learn to be modest - and that's why the staff of GATE have no cause to rejoice.

And, regrettably, there's no chance of a celebration, either. Because the people we could celebrate with are so far away: they live in Latin America, Africa and Asia. We know we have been able to help some of them improve their living conditions. and we are proud of that.

There is quite a lot in this issue about what GATE has accomplished during the past decade. However, we should not let this little stocktaking obscure the fact that there will be much more to do in the years that lie ahead.

At the end of this year and the beginning of next GTZ is to be thoroughly reorganized. In the course of this restructuring a new role will also be assigned to GATE. I am sure that the staff of the new GATE will build on the experience of their predecessors, continuing their work and developing it further.

The reorganization of GTZ will mean new assignments for me, too. I had the honour and the pleasure of managing GATE for more than four years. So I know what I'm saying when I wish my successor and all staff, partners and friends of GATE every success in the future.

Heinz Ströter

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