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Problems with a mud brick press

This example from the work of the Question-and-Answer service shows that the flow of information is not always "one-way" - a dialogue can develop. Both sides can then profit from an exchange of useful information - and the information can be used to help third parties, too.

In this case it was a question of information about mud brick presses. Alfred Heller, an engineer, asked for it to help choose a press for an Austrian development aid project in Burundi. In January of this year he sent a preliminary report to GATE.

Mud Brick Press
Meili Engineering
Gewerbe-Center Rothaus
CH-8635 Durnten
Approx. DM 1090.00 (1986)
Brick size: 250 x 125 x 8 mm
Used at:
Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement
Professionnels CFPP B. P. 2830
Bujumbura, Burundi
Workshop: Building construction
Workshop-Manager: M. Henneville (ILO)

Used for making bricks with approx. 5 per cent cement, as part of apprentices' practical training course.


After about seven months the technical problems illustrated in the photos next page developed. The press had not been used intensively. The workshop manager is very pleased with the quality of the bricks. At present they are being tested as part of a study project at the university in Bujumbura, with various mixture ratios and materials. It is planned to construct a model building in the grounds of the training centre in Bujumbura with the bricks. This building is to be open to the public.
The workshop manager would like another press to try out. The model he has in mind is a UNATA.

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