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close this bookElectrical Machines - Basic Vocational Knowledge (IBE - Deutschland; 144 pages)
View the documentIntroduction
Open this folder and view contents1. General information about electrical machines
Open this folder and view contents2. Basic principles
Open this folder and view contents3. Execution of rotating electrical machines
Open this folder and view contents4. Synchronous machines
Open this folder and view contents5. Asynchronous motors
Open this folder and view contents6. Direct current machines
close this folder7. Single-phase alternating current motors
Open this folder and view contents7.1. Single-phase asynchronous motors (single-phase induction motors)
close this folder7.2. Three-phase asynchronous motor in single-phase operation (capacitor motor)
View the document7.2.1. Assembly and operating principle
View the document7.2.2. Operational behaviour
View the document7.3. Split pole motors
Open this folder and view contents7.4. Single-phase commutator motors (universal motors)
Open this folder and view contents8. Transformer

7.2.1. Assembly and operating principle

A three-phase asynchronous motor whose stator winding has been designed for 220/380 V may be selectively driven through either a single-phase of three-phase mains. The winding is star-connected for 380 V voltage. The winding is delta-connected for single-phase operation. In addition, an operating capacitor is parallel switched to each strand.

A capacitor provides phase-displaced current for the third strand winding this yielding a rotating field. The rotational direction is altered by repoling the capacitor connection.

Figure 118 - Three-phase asynchronous motor as capacitor motor

1 Anti-clockwise, 2 Clockwise
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