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close this bookSetting-up and Operating of Regular Engine Lathes - Course: Techniques for machining of material. Trainees' handbook of lessons (IBE - Deutschland; 35 pages)
View the document1. Importance of the regular engine lathe
View the document2. Structure of the regular engine lathe
View the document3. Structure and types of lathe tools
View the document4. Preparation of the work on the regular engine lathe
View the document5. Setting-up and operating the regular engine lathe
View the document6. Maintenance and care of the regular engine lathe

6. Maintenance and care of the regular engine lathe

Like all machine tools, regular engine lathes are subject to permanent wear.

By constant care and maintenance of the machines wear can be controlled and kept low.

The following principles have to be observed:


- The operating instructions are decisive for the use and maintenance of the machine. They must be carefully observed.

- Before beginning the daily work, all parts of the machine that have to be lubricated by hand have to be oiled according to the instructions. Unsufficient lubrication leads to early abrasion. For centralized and circulating lubrication make sure that the quantity of oil is sufficient.

The oil strainers have to be cleaned regularly and at the required intervals.

The following principle applies to the lubrication of a machine:

The prescribed quantity of the prescribed lubricant to the respective lubrication points of the prescribed time.

- Before putting the machine into operation make sure that all levers are in their correct positions. Wrong lever positions may lead to breaks.

- All guideways must be protected against, chips, acale, dust and abrasion of any kind. Otherwise they will wear out soon and inaccurate work would be the result.

- Guideway parts which are not used must be protected against contamination by protective equipment.

- Make sure that the workplace is always in order. Clamping means and change gears must be kept in their proper places. On the regular engine lathe, the required tools must be well ordered and ready to hand on the protective boards.

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