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close this bookGuide to Developing Training Strategies (UNDP, UNDMTP, UNDRO; 55 pages)
View the documentAcknowledgements
Open this folder and view contents1. Introduction
Open this folder and view contents2. Objectives of training programmes
Open this folder and view contents3. Formulating training programmes
Open this folder and view contents4. Identifying needs
View the document5. Formulating Objectives
Open this folder and view contents6. Preparing training strategies
Open this folder and view contents7. Sustainability of training programmes
View the document8. Resistance to training in disaster management
Open this folder and view contents9. Do’s and don’ts in establishing a disaster management strategy
View the document10. Conclusions
View the document11. Bibliography
View the documentAppendix 1. Structures of national disaster management administration
View the documentAppendix 2. Case Study

Guide to Developing Training Strategies


Yasemin Aysan
Ian Davis

Disaster Management Centre

If you are thinking a year ahead - sow a seed;
If you are thinking ten years ahead - plant a tree;
If you are thinking one hundred years ahead - educate the people.


Kuan Tzu, Chinese Poet, 500 BC


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