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close this bookOpportunities for Advancement - Women and Industry (UNIDO; 1995; 20 pages)
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Opportunities for Advancement - Women and Industry

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

This brochure was produced by the Integration of Women in Industrial Development Unit, in cooperation with the Public Information Service, Unido. Coordination and supervision: Martina Ebensen, Ayumi Fujino, Marie-Anne Martin / Text: Diane Shooman / Graphic Design: Michael Bramdl / Litography: Amos / Thanks to Nils Biering, Nancy Falcon Castro, Peter Ellwood, Tezer Ulusay de Groot, Gabriele Herrman, Janet Jesch, Hans Rosnitschek, Kemal Saiki, Barbara Terhorst, Mohammed Touré, Alma Weichselbaum. This brochure is printed on environmentally friendly paper.

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