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close this bookOutreach N° 95 - Learning by Doing - Leaflets on Waste and Recycling (OUTREACH, UNEP, WWF; 46 pages)
View the documentOUTREACH information packs
View the documentOUTREACH Learning-By-Doing Leaflets
View the documentLearning-By-Doing Leaflets in issue 95
View the documentLeaflet no. 81. What a waste!
View the documentLeaflet no. 82. Danger! Hazardous materials - spread the message not the waste
View the documentLeaflet no. 83. That's rot!
View the documentLeaflet no. 84. Sifting scrap
View the documentLeaflet no. 85. Making new things from old - (1) A paper caper
View the documentLeaflet no. 86. Making new things from old - (2) Yesterday's news, tomorrow's shoes!
View the documentLeaflet no. 87. Making new things from old - (3) Turning grease and dirty ashes into clean soap
View the documentLeaflet no. 88. Making new things from old - (4) Soap suds
View the documentLeaflet no. 89. Making new things from old (5) - Making a living from paper bags
View the documentTeacher's notes for Learning-By-Doing Leaflets on Waste and Recycling

Outreach N° 95 - Learning by Doing - Leaflets on Waste and Recycling

Written by Gillian Dorfman;
Edited by James Connor, M.S., Ed.D.

The materials in OUTREACH packs may be used for non-commercial, educational purposes in Third World countries. Use the material as you wish. ADOPT, ADAPT and ADD, but PLEASE CREDIT SOURCE where indicated. Otherwise please credit OUTREACH. We need feedback. How useful is this material? How can we make it better? Are there special topics you need? Please let us know.

Write to:
Dr. James Connor, OUTREACH Director, Teaching & Learning Center, 200 East Building, 239 Greene Street, New York University, New York NY 10003, USA
or Mr. Richard Lumbe, OUTREACH Co-ordinator, Information & Public Affairs, UNEP, P.O. Box 30552, Nairobi, KENYA


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