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close this bookWIT's World Ecology Report - Vol. 12, No. 3 (WIT; 2000; 16 pages)
View the documentSPECIAL FOCUS: Youth Can Make a Positive Difference
View the documentTolerance, Ambition and Responsibility
View the documentMoving Science to the Forefront
View the documentUrban Air Pollution Risks to Children: A Global Environmental Health Indicator
View the documentWHO's Tobacco Free Initiative and the 2003 Framework Convention
View the documentStop Our Children From Smoking: The Personal Touch
View the documentRole of Environmental Protection to Control Lung Diseases in Developing Countries in the New Millennium
View the documentChernobyl Update
View the documentHealth and Environment
View the documentFood for Thought
View the documentGood News
View the documentDid you Know?
View the documentVoices
View the documentPoint of View: Children are a Natural Resource

WIT's World Ecology Report - Vol. 12, No. 3

Knowledge brings new choices. Education brings new knowledge.

Fall 2000
Vol. XII, No. 3

Available in:
Arabic, English, Russian,
Spanish and Ukrainian

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