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close this bookProspects - Quarterly Review of Education, Vol. 02, No. 3, 1972 (Issue 03) - Adult Education (UNESCO; 1972; 130 pages)
View the documentEducation: present and future1 - Mahmoud Messadi
View the documentEducational advances and the well-rounded man1 - Wincenty Okón
View the documentInstitutionalizing educational reform1 - Lionel Elvin
Open this folder and view contentsViewpoints and controversies
Open this folder and view contentsElements for a dossier: Adult education
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Open this folder and view contentsNotes and reviews
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Prospects - Quarterly Review of Education, Vol. 02, No. 3, 1972 (Issue 03) - Adult Education


Prospects is also published in French under the title Perspectives: Revue Trimestrielle de l’Éducation.

The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Unesco Secretariat concerning the legal status of any country or territory, or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitations of the frontiers of any country or territory.

Articles appearing in Prospects express the views of their authors and not necessarily those of Unesco.

Unless stated otherwise, articles and other material published in Prospects are not under copyright: they may be translated, adapted and reproduced provided credit is given to authors and that the mention, ‘Reprinted (or adapted) from Prospects: Quarterly Review of Education, Unesco, Vol...., No. ...’ is added. Two voucher copies should be sent to the Editor.

All correspondence relating to Prospects should be addressed to the Editor, Prospects: Quarterly Review of Education, Unesco, Place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris.

Published by the United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization,
Place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris.
Printed in France by Presses Universitaires de France, Vendôme

1972 International Book Year

Price and subscription rates [B]
Single issue: $1; 30p; 4 F
Yearly subscription: $3.50; £1.05; 14 F

Any of the distributors listed will be pleased to accept subscriptions; rates in currencies other than above will be supplied on application to the distributor in the country concerned. When notifying change of address please enclose last wrapper or envelope.


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