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close this bookEcologically Sound Energy Planning Strategies for Sustainable Development (Indian Institute of Sciences)
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Open this folder and view contents1.0 Introduction:
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close this folder3.0 Renewable energy sources
View the document3.1.0 Solar energy conversion modes:
View the document3.1.1 Solar water heating
View the document3.1.2 Industrial and commercial systems:
View the document3.1.3 Domestic water heating:
View the document3.1.4 Present status in Karnataka:
View the document3.1.5 Technical issues:
View the document3.2.0 Wind Energy:
View the document3.2.1 Wind energy systems:
View the document3.2.2 Economic aspects:
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View the document3.4.0 Hydro electric power and energy:
View the document4.0 Energy Planning:
View the document5.0 Integrated Renewable Energy Concepts
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3.1.1 Solar water heating

Solar energy for daily use in households is already a popular concept. For the present they are virtually confined to heating water, more than 600 homes in Bangalore city are already using this system, thereby doing with geysers (Fulkerson et al 1989). Solar water heating system is a simple device, works on the principle of black body radiation and green house effect. It generally involves use of flat plate collectors, storage tank, circulation system and appropriate controls and accessories. Solar water heaters can be broadly classified as (a) Thermosyphon or natural circulation, (b) forced circulation system. Usually thermosyphon units are used for domestic application (for capacity of 300 litres) and forced circulation is used in the case of industrial and commercial applications.

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