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close this bookEcologically Sound Energy Planning Strategies for Sustainable Development (Indian Institute of Sciences)
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Open this folder and view contents1.0 Introduction:
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close this folder3.0 Renewable energy sources
View the document3.1.0 Solar energy conversion modes:
View the document3.1.1 Solar water heating
View the document3.1.2 Industrial and commercial systems:
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View the document3.1.4 Present status in Karnataka:
View the document3.1.5 Technical issues:
View the document3.2.0 Wind Energy:
View the document3.2.1 Wind energy systems:
View the document3.2.2 Economic aspects:
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View the document3.4.0 Hydro electric power and energy:
View the document4.0 Energy Planning:
View the document5.0 Integrated Renewable Energy Concepts
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3.2.2 Economic aspects:

From the economical point of view and the functional efficiency the water pumping wind mill has proven to be more advantageous compared to the diesel pumps considering the free running cost of wind mill where as in the case of diesel pumps recurring expenditure is incurred in terms of fuel and regular maintenance. It is found that the usage of wind energy for pumping water (each machine) saves about 150 litres of diesel and annual saving of 1800 litres. Therefore the large scale use of wind mills for irrigation and drinking purpose could save large quantity of depletable sources of energy like diesel. Because of economic viability and trouble free performance wind energy exploitation for pumping is gaining momentum in the regions where the wind velocity is favourable.

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