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About the individual lessons


Each individual lesson plan requires that participants have read the guinea worm fact sheet ahead of time. If you are not able to distribute the fact sheet in advance as homework reading, allow enough time for participants to read it before starting the lesson. (You will find a copy of the fact sheet in the front of each individual booklet of this manual as well as a separate pull-out located in the front of this binder that can be easily photocopied as a handout for participants.

Each lesson attempts to teach an animation technique. The purpose, objectives, and procedures are presented in a step-by-step fashion. Incorporated into each individual lesson is an information page (or pages), related to the specific technique, that can be easily photocopied as a handout to participants. For each animation technique, a complete sample lesson is included. All of the sample lessons are written to instruct participants on guinea worm disease. Some lessons cover general information about guinea worm, whereas others emphasize a specific topic such as prevention or transmission. (Refer to the matrix to help you plan particular sessions.) You are strongly urged to implement the guinea worm sample lesson first. However, you will see that the same lesson plan can then easily be adapted to topics in your specific program sector. In fact, the animation technique can often be immediately repeated using the new subject matter during the same training session. In other words, the process used in each lesson is a specific animation technique, and the content of the lesson is information on guinea worm. You can adapt each lesson and use the same animation technique but substitute the guinea worm content with that from another program sector.

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