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Possible questions for guinea worm review


1. How do people catch guinea worm?

2. What does guinea worm look like?

3. Name one of the economic implications of guinea worm. (This may be repeated.)

4. Is guinea worm contagious?

5. How is the guinea worm life cycle perpetuated?

6. Who is susceptible to guinea worm?

7. Describe one method of preventing guinea worm. (This may be repeated.)

8. Can people die from guinea worm?

9. Can you see guinea worm in drinking water?

10. What are the symptoms of guinea worm in the first six months after drinking contaminated water?

11. How long after drinking contaminated water do you know you have guinea worm disease?

12. How do guinea worm larvae get in the water source?

13. Name two adverse social effects of guinea worm.

14. Who is responsible for filtering drinking water?

15. What is a filtering cloth?

16. How do you inspect a filtering cloth?

17. What is the treatment for guinea worm?

18. Are there diagnostic tests to detect guinea worm infection? (No.)

19. Are there drugs that will kill guinea worm before it emerges? (No.)

20. Can a person develop immunity to guinea worm? (No.)

21. How many guinea worms can infect a person at one time?

22. What is the best and most long-lasting solution to guinea worm?

23. What is a disadvantage of chemically treating a water source?

24. Name two ways to protect a water source from guinea worm contamination.

25. How long are guinea worms?

26. What happens if the guinea worm dies in the human host before it emerges?

27. When are people most susceptible to guinea worm?

28. How do you tell guinea worm from other diseases?

29. What are some traditional remedies for guinea worm?

30. Name a common myth about guinea worm.

31. What can Peace Corps Volunteers do to combat guinea worm?

32. What can Peace Corps Volunteers do to avoid getting guinea worm?

33. Who should be targeted for guinea worm education?

34. Is it possible to totally eradicate guinea worm?

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