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close this bookBasic Accounting for Small Groups (Oxfam; 1992; 64 pages)
View the documentForeword
View the documentAcknowledgements
View the document1 Introduction: why keep accounts?
Open this folder and view contents2 Deciding what your project will cost
Open this folder and view contents3 Records of money coming in and going out
Open this folder and view contents4 Arranging your records to give more information
Open this folder and view contents5 Bank accounts
Open this folder and view contents6 Summarising the accounts
Open this folder and view contents7 Summarising your accounts in more detail
Open this folder and view contents8 Providing the information that your group needs
Open this folder and view contents9 Having the accounts checked
View the documentAppendix 1 : Example of a receipts and payments account
View the documentAppendix 2 : Glossary of terms used
View the documentAppendix 3 : Some blank forms which you may find useful
View the documentFurther reading

Basic Accounting for Small Groups

John Cammack

Oxfam (UK and Ireland)

Published by Oxfam (UK and Ireland)
First published in 1992 Reprinted in 1996
ISBN 0 85598 148 2
© Oxfam (UK and Ireland) 1992

A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.

All rights reserved. Reproduction, copy, transmission, or translation of any part of this publication may be made only under the following conditions:

- with the prior written permission of the publisher; or
- with a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd., 90 Tottenham Court Road, London W1P 9HE, UK; or
- for quotation in a review of the work; or
- under the terms set out below.

This publication is copyright, but may be reproduced by any method without fee for teaching purposes, but not for resale. Formal permission is required for all such uses, but normally will be granted immediately. For copying in any other circumstances, or for reuse in other publications, or for translation or adaptation, prior written permission must be obtained from the publisher, and a fee may be payable.

Cover photos:
Village pharmacy, Burkina Faso (Jeremy Hartley/Oxfam)
Coffee growers' co-operative, Haiti (Caroline Watson/Oxfam)
Published by Oxfam (UK and Ireland), 274 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DZ,
UK; tel. (0)1865 313922; e-mail
(registered as a charity, no. 202918)

Available from the following agents: for Canada and the USA: Humanities Press International, 165 First Avenue,
Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey NJ 07716-1289, USA; tel. (908) 872 1441; fax
(908) 872 0717 for southern Africa: David Philip Publishers, PO Box 23408, Claremont, Cape
Town 7735, South Africa; tel. (021) 64 4136; fax (021) 64 3358.

Available in Ireland from Oxfam in Ireland, 19 Clanwilliam Terrace, Dublin 2 (tel. 01661 8544).

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