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Information for this report was gathered from a wide variety of sources. The researchers reviewed materials located in the files of Peace Corps' Office for Programming and Training Coordination, the Information Collection and Exchange office, the ACTION Library and the office of Evaluations, including Country Management Plans, Trainee Assignment Criteria sheets, Project Summaries, and Statistical Summary Quarterlies. We also consulted Peace Corps staff, returned volunteers and country desk officers. A six page survey was mailed to a sample of 65 returned volunteers in special education and rehabilitation; 5 3 responses were received. A questionnaire was also sent to all Peace Corps Country Directors and 32 responses (approximately half) were received.

Accomplishment Report: Peace Corps Training Program for the Philippines for the Period of March 1 - April 30, 1980. International Center on Deafness, Gallaudet College.

Appendix to Peace Corps/Philippines Rehabilitation Services/Deaf Educator TAC as an explanation of 1) preference for deaf applicants, and 2) stateside skill training.

Background Notes, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Public Affairs: Colombia (July, 1980), Costa Rica (Jan., 1980), Brazil (Oct., 1977), Malawi (July, 1978), South Korea (Aug., 1979), Morocco (Oct., 1978), Seychelles (April, 1978), Ghana May, 1978), Philippines (Jan., 1977).

Blatt, Burton. The Family Papers - A Return to Purgatory, New York: Longmans, 1981.

Burress, James R. Developments in Services for Handicapped People: Africa, A Project Report, People-to-People Committee for the if Handicapped, Washington, D.C. March 1980. Grant No. 22-P-57985/3-03.

FY 1980 Country Management Plan: Vocational Rehabilitation (Jamaica); Social Work (Fiji); Teacher Training/Special Education (Malaysia).

International Directory of Mental Retardation Resources, Rosemary F. Dybwad, Editor, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, President's Committee on Mental Retardation and International League of Societies for the Mentally Handicapped, Brussels, Belgium. Contract PH 43-67-1295 from NIH. 1977-78 revision.

Morris, Morris David, Measuring the Condition of the World's Poor, The Physical Quality of Life Index (Pergamon Policy Studies-42), published for the Overseas Development Council, 1979.

Peace Corps Training Program for the Philippines, Training Plan 1980.

Peace Corps Program Grid, 1976.

Peace Corps Project Summary Sheets: Dominican Republic/Rehabilitation Therapy (Project 517-B4); Ecuador/Special Education (518-A6); E1 Salvador/Rehabilitation (519-BO) and El Salvador/Special Education (519-A6); Nicaragua/Special Education (524-B8); Paraguay/Occupational Recreational Therapy (526-B9),Paraguay/Social Work (526-B1) and Paraguay/Special Education (517B2); Jamaica/Teacher Training; Brazil/NE Special Education (5120A5); Malawi/Preventive Health Services (614-A2); Malaysia/Rehabilitation Services (483-B7); M all/Blindness Prevention/Rehabilitation (688-A 7); Micronesia/Special Education (401-H7); Thailand/Medical Rehabilitation and Mental Health (493-C1); Tunisia/Special Education (364-B9).

Project Plans: Colombia (Special Olympics, April 1978-1981); Chile (Special Education Centers, October 1977-October 1982); El Salvador (Special Education, February 1977-December 1982); Guatemala (Rehabilitation of Retarded Children, May 1977-April, 1983).

Regional Conference Report, Pre-Project for APCDs working in Special Education and Disadvantaged Children Programs, Rene Lara, Peace Corps/Chile, February 28, 1980.

Rehabilitation International Charter for the '80s. Adopted June 1980. Goals and objectives for the '80s in the field of disability prevention and rehabilitation; 40 page booklet. Single copies available free from Rehabilitation International, 432 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10016.

Richardson, Pamela and Jon Wegge, Seychelles International Year of the Child, 1979, "Nou Bane Zanfans" (Children of Seychelles), a report and working paper for the Seychelles International Year of the Child Commission, 1979.

Statistical Summary Quarterly (all countries, 1961-1980), ACTION Library.

The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1981, Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc., New York.

Trainee Assignment Criteria and Trainee Request Projections (all countries, 1977-1981).

U.S. Peace Corps/Philippines, Rehabilitation 164 Orientation Development Plan, June 14 July 26, 1980 (Manila).

Volunteer Activity Survey, 1979 (all countries).

Weissman, Juliana, "Syncrisis, The Dynamics of Health", an analytical series on the interaction of health and socioeconomic development, Series XXII, Kingdom of Morocco (U.S. Public Health Service), June 1977.

Werner, David, Health Care and Politics, introductory section to an unpublished manual to be used with the publication Where There Is No Doctor - A Village

Health Care Handbook.

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