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close this bookAccounting for the Microbusiness - A Teaching Manual (Peace Corps; 1975; 105 pages)
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Initiation sheet

To start the accounting system in your company, you have to obtain the following information:

1. All clients and their outstanding debt.

2. All suppliers and the outstanding debt.

3. All creditors and their payment schedules

a. Banks
b. Finance Corporations
c. Individuals

4. All fixed assets and their value.

5. Employees and any loans outstanding.

6. Starting date of work for each employee.

Also ...

1. The last bank statement and the outstanding balance at system's initiation.

2. All pending receipts, vouchers, orders, etc.

3. An inventory at the value of raw materials (not labor) in:

a. Raw materials
b. Products in process
c. Finished Products

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