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close this bookArchives and Records Management for Decision Makers: a RAMP study (UNESCO; 1990; 79 pages)
View the documentPreface
View the document1. Introduction
Open this folder and view contents2. Origins of records and archives
Open this folder and view contents3. Records and archives in decision making
Open this folder and view contents4. Records management
Open this folder and view contents5. Archives
Open this folder and view contents6. Planning for archives
Open this folder and view contents7. Legislative authority
Open this folder and view contents8. Staffing
Open this folder and view contents9. Conclusion
View the documentAppendix 1 - List of national archival institutions that responded
View the documentAppendix 2 - List of respondents to second questionnaire
View the documentAppendix 3 - Staffing levels in relation to population

Appendix 2 - List of respondents to second questionnaire


1. Department of Defence
2. Department of Social Security
3. Department of Employment, Education and Training
4. Department of Transport and Communication
5. Commonwealth Treasury
6. Department of Aboriginal Affairs
7. Department of Finance
8. Department of Industrial Relations
9. Attorney General' s Department
10. Department of Community Services and Health
11. Department of Veteran’ s Affairs


1. Food Resources Department
2. North West District Council
3. Tirelo Setshaba Department
4. Department of Labour and Home Affairs
5. Roads Department
6. Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
7. Department of Surveys and Lands
8. National Assembly
9. Department of Wildlife and National Parks
10. Selebi - Phikwe Town Council
11. Postal Services Department
12. District Administration
13. Finance/Government Computer Bureau
14. Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce
15. Ministry of Education
16. Ministry of Agriculture
17. District Administration
18. Central Statistical Office
19. South East District Council
20. Geological Survey
21. District Administration
22. Botswana Technology Centre
23. Botswana National Library Service


1. Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement
2. Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education
3. Ministry of Information, Post and Telecommunications
4. Ministry of the Public Service
5. Ministry of Public Construction and National Housing
6. Ministry of Defence
7. Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
8. Ministry of Health
9. Ministry of Transport


1. Ministry of Traffic
2. Ministry of Trade
3. Ministry of Finance
4. Ministry of Development


1. Ministry of Finance
2. Ministry of Community Development
3. Ministry of Law (Headquarters)
4. Ministry of Health (Headquarters)
5. Ministry of Law, Land Office


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