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close this bookNew Training Technologies (ILO, UNEVOC; 1995; 95 pages)
View the documentIntroduction
View the documentChapter 1 New Technologies and Training
Open this folder and view contentsChapter 2 Delivery mechanisms and available NTTs
Open this folder and view contentsChapter 3 Selecting the appropriate NTTs
View the documentChapter 5 Trends in NTTs
View the documentConclusion
Open this folder and view contentsAppendix A Compatibility
View the documentAppendix B Suggested PC configurations
View the documentAppendix C Laser technology
View the documentAppendix D Digital versus analogue
View the documentAppendix E Digitizing
View the documentAppendix F Telecommunications and training
View the documentAppendix G More technologies for training
View the documentAppendix H Training the disabled
View the documentGlossary23

New Training Technologies

Albert Herremans

Studies on Technical and Vocational Education ♦ 2

Training Centre
of the ILO TURN

United Nations
Educational Scientific
and Cultural Organization

International Project on
Technical and Vocational Education

Copyright © International Training Centre of the ILO 1995

This publication enjoys copyright under Protocol 2 of the Universal Copyright Convention. Applications for authorisation to reproduce, translate or adapt part or all of its contents should be addressed to the International Training Centre of the ILO. The Centre welcomes such applications. Nevertheless, short excerpts may be reproduced without authorisation, on condition that the source is indicated.

ISBN 92-9049-299-6

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International Training Centre of the ILO,
Corso Unity d'ltalia 125,
I-10127 Turin, Italy
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