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close this bookInternational Conference on Education 43rd Session - Final Report (IBE, UNESCO; 1992; 91 pages)
View the documentSUMMARY
View the documentINTRODUCTION
Open this folder and view contentsPART I. The contribution of education to cultural development
close this folderPART II. Education, culture and development: new prospects for interaction for the benefit of the individual and society
View the documentSummary of the Commission's discussions
View the documentPART III. Preliminary report on the implementation of Recommendation No. 77 adopted by the International Conference on Education at its 42nd session
View the documentPART IV. Recommendation No. 78 to ministries responsible for education and culture concerning the contribution of education to cultural development
Open this folder and view contentsANNEXES

Summary of the Commission's discussions

1. Under the chairmanship of Mr Gonzalo Figueroa (Chile), the Commission elected Mr Y.M. Juwayeyi (Malawi) and Mr Jamiruddin Sircar (Bangladesh) Vice-Chairpersons; Ms I. Neu-Altenheimer (Germany) Reporter; and Mr Domitien Misago (Burundi), Mr Jean Pierre Régnier (France), Ms E.A. Lenskaya (Russian Federation), Ms Rosario Duarte de Fortin (Honduras), Mr Ashok Vajpeyi (India) and Mr Faisal al-Salem (Kuwait) members of the Drafting Committee. The chairmanship of the Drafting Committee was entrusted to Mr Domitien Misago.

With the permission of the Chairman, delegates of various countries participated as observers in the work of the Drafting Committee.

2. On the proposal of the IBE Council, the Commission elected the following chairpersons and reporters for the four working groups:

Working Group I

Chairperson: Mr Erkki Aho (Finland) Rapporteur: Mr Leonard K Msaki (United Republic of Tanzania)

Working Group II

Chairperson: Ms Kapila Vatsyayan (India) Rapporteur: Mr Jacques Monnier-Raball (Switzerland)

Working Group III

Chairperson: Mr Bashir Bakri (Sudan) Rapporteur: Mr W.W.Adamski(Poland)

Working Group IV

Chairperson: Ms Maria Elizabeth Leegwater-Van der Linden (Netherlands) Rapporteur: Mr Wolfgang Hoerner (Germany).

3. The Commission heard reports on activities and trends in the field of education and culture in Latin Amelica and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and the Arab States, presented by the Directors of UNESCO's Regional Offices: Mr J.C. Tedesco, Mr H. Ahmed, Mr A.J. Obanya and Mr El-Atrash. The following topics were highlighted as some of fife main activities of the Regional Offices: the promotion of cultural identity respecting minorities; the priority given to basic education in the assertion of cultural identity; modular tongues and the teaching of foreign languages as an introduction to other cultures; international education, which involves education to ensure respect for human rights and education for peace and tolerance; specific cultural traditions in a world of technical and industrial progress; the training and status of teachers; the development of specific curricula combining interactive and innovative methods; the evaluation of innovative projects taking into account the cultural impact on sustainable development; the human dimension of education to enable individuals to play an active part in their cultural environment; education as the basis for all cultural, social and economic development to bring about a more just world.

4. The Commission continued its work in the following Working Groups:

Working Group I

Taking the cultural dimension into account in school curricula

Working Group II

The role of education in the cultural and artistic development of the individual

Working Group III

Cultural development through interaction between the school, the community and society

Working Group IV

Cultural and intercultural aspects of education: a new responsibility for teachers.

5. At the closing session, the Chairpersons of the Working Groups presented the results of their debates orally, reviewing not only their respective themes but also draft amendments to Recommendation No. 78. Some proposals were put forward regarding the preparation of the Conference and its follow-up.

6. The Commission decided not to include the Working Groups' reports in the final report of the Conference. The delegation of France pointed out that it would not consider itself bound by their content. The texts could, however, be circulated on the responsibility of the Chairpersons of the Working Groups.

7. The Commission adopted Draft Recommendation No. 78 as amended by the Drafting Committee with some modifications.


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