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close this bookAppropriate Building Materials: a Catalogue of Potential Solutions (SKAT; 1988; 430 pages)
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Useful addresses


Asociacion Vivienda Economica
Centro Experimental de la
Vivienda Economica (CEVE)
Igualdad 3600 Villa Siburu
Estafeta 14
5000 Cordoba
Low-cost housing research centre; manuals and brochures on construction


National Building Technology Centre
P.O. Box 30
Chatswood, N.S.W. 2067
Research and development of construction materials and technologies (mainly cementitious materials)


United Nations Industrial
Development Organization
Vienna International Centre
P.O. Box 300
1400 Wien
Financing and coordination of research studies, expertise, publications, international conferences


Housing & Building Research Institute Darus-Salam, Mirpur Dhaka- 18
Research and development of local construction materials and technologies


Study and Documentation Centre on Appropriate Technology in Developing Countries Blijde Inkomststraat 9 3000 Leuven
AT centre with bookshop; coordination of research studies and publications; joint publishers of AT journal "AT Source" (formally VRAAGBAAK)

Collectif d'Echanges pour la Technologie Appropriee 18, rue de la Sablonniere 1000 Bruxelles
Documentation, information and research centre; cooperation with NGOs mainly in French- and Portuguese-speaking countries

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Post Graduate Centre Human Settlements
Kasteel Arenberg
3030 Leuven (Heverlee)
Educational and study group; co-organizer of international colloquium on "Earth construction technologies appropriate to developing countries" (Dec. 1984)

UNATA (Union for Adapted Technological Assistance) G.V.D. Heuvelstraat 131 3140 Ramsel-Herselt
Technical assistance group, producing simple machines (eg soil block presses); publish a quarterly newsletter "UNATA-PRESS"

Universite Catholique de Louvain
Centre de Recherches en Architecture CRA
Place du Levant 1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Educational and study group; co-organizer of international colloquium on "Earth construction technologies appropriate to developing countries" (Dec. 1984)


Servicios Multiples de Tecnologias Apropiadas
Casilla 20410
La Paz
Appropriate technology information centre, providing consulting services; technical cooperation project implementation


Botswana Technology Centre Private Bag 0082 Gaborone
Provides information services (SATIS network), conducts technical cooperation projects
Rural Industries Promotions (RIP) Private Bag 11 Kanye
Rural industries innovation centre, providing assistance in various appropriate technologies


Centro de Pesquisas e Desenvolvimento
Km 0 da BA-536
Caixa Postal 09
42.800 Camacari (BA)
Governmental research institution; development of low-cost construction technologies (project THABA), mainly soil cement, ferrocement and fibre concrete

Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas do Estado de Sao Paulo S.A. (IPT) P.O. Box 7141 05508 Sao Paulo
Governmental research and documentation centre; technical cooperation projects; produced UNIDO Manual on Timber House Construction (Bibl. 14.22)


Development Workshop (DW)
238 Davenport Road
P.O. Box 133
Toronto M5R 1J6
Technical assistance group for Human Settlements in the Third World; wide experience in low-cost building technologies

International Development Research Centre
P.O. Box 8500
Ottawa K1G 3H9
Research centre for adaptation of science and technology to the needs of developing countries

McGill University
School of Architecture
Minimum Cost Housing Group
3480 University Street
Montreal 101, Quebec H3A 2A7
Research and development of various low-cost housing technologies; experience in sulphur concrete construction, interesting publications


Centro de Estudios en Tecnologia
Apropiada para Latinoamerica
Subida Mackenna 1246 - Vinn
Apartado Postal 197 - V
Research and documentation centre, dealing with technical cooperation; several technical publications

Servicio Latincamericano y Asiatico de Vivienda Popular
German Yungue 3825 Apartado Postal 871 Santiago
International low-cost housing finance and consultancy institution, publish SELAVIP News


Beijing Institute of Architectural Design 62 South Lishi Road Beijing
One of the main building design institutions, primarily concerned with new housing projects, which are generally high-rise in Beijing
Building Research Institute No. 1 Construction Bureau China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) Nan Yuan Beijing
Leading institution with specialized departments on all aspects of building materials and construction research, also with international cooperation, eg experimental passive solar houses in Daxing, with West German assistance

China Building Technology
Development Centre (CBTDC)
19 Che Gong Zhuang Street
Implementing agency of MURCEP, providing technology consultancy services, also conducting international cooperation projects

Dalian Institute of Technology
Department of Civil Engineering
Dalian 116 024
Materials research and development, especially use of industrial wastes

MURCEP Ministry of Urban-Rural Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau of Science and Technology Bai Wan Zhuang, Westsuburb Beijing
Governmental organization; administration in urban-rural development; coordination of international cooperation on research and development. (Under same address: Architectural Society of China; China National Waterproof Building Materials Corporation,
Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences 75 Wan Ping Road South Shanghai
Materials research and development, especially use of industrial wastes


ARIT arquitectura investigacion en sierra era. 3A no. 30 - 33 Bogota
Technical assistance group, dedicated to promoting soil construction technologies
Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo
del Tercer Mundo
c/o Naciones Unidas
Apartado Aereo 091369
Dissemination of appropriate technologies and support of self-help housing projects

Federacion Nacional de
Organizaciones de Vivienda Popular
Diagonal 60 No. 23 - 63
Organization supporting housing construction by community self-help, also investigating socially appropriate technologies

Fundacion pare la promocion de la
comunidad y el mejoramiento del habitat
Diagonal 60 No. 23 - 63
Technical assistance group supporting self-help housing projects

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje
Division de Desarrollo Tecnologico
Apartado Aereo 9801
Development of low-cost technologies, eg machine for making concrete hollow blocks

Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Facultad de Artes
Apartado Aereo 54118
University faculty with a Centro de Investigacion de Bambu y Madera (CIBAM), internationally recognized institution with considerable experience in bamboo and timber construction


Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut (SBI)
Dr. Neergaards Vej 15
Postboks 119
2970 Horsholm
Government research institute; low-cost construction

Technological Institute - Wood Technology
Postboks 141
2630 Taastrup
Research and documentation centre; technical cooperation

Dominican Republic

CETAVIP Centro de Tecnologia Apropiada pare la Vivienda Popular Apartado Postal 20-328 Avenida 27 de Febrero Plaza Criolla, Local 10 Santo Domingo
Low-cost housing research, development, training and information centre; executive branch of CII-Viviendas (Consejo Inter-Institucional pare la Coordinacion de Programas de Viviendas, Inc.)


CATER Centro Andino de Tecnologia Rural Universidad Nacional de Loja Casilla 399 Loja
University research and documentation centre; technical cooperation projects
CITA-EC Centro de Ingenieria pare Tecnologias Adecuadas Casilla 1024 Cuenca
AT centre, providing information and development assistance; technical cooperation projects

Fundacion Ecuatoriana del Habitat
Pedro de Texeira 273
Casilla 17-15-0086-C Sucursal 16

El Salvador

Fundacion Salvadorena de
Desarrollo y Vivienda Minima
Apartado Aereo 421
San Salvador
Research and documentation centre on low-cost housing; technical cooperation projects


Addis Ababa University Faculty of Technology P.O. Box 40874 Addis Ababa
Building materials research and development, eg fibre concrete roofing materials
UN Economic Commission of Africa
Africa Mall
P.O. Box 3001
Addis Ababa
United Nations body, providing development assistance in low-cost housing


Centre de Terre
31590 Verfeil
Research and development centre for earth construction, developed soil block presses, eg GEO 50
Earth Building Adviory Service
c/o CRATerre-EAG
Partner of the Building Advisory Service and Information Network (BASIN), specialized in earth construction.

International Center for Earth Construction
Centre Simone Signoret
B.P. 53
38090 Villefontaine
Leading earth construction research development and information centre; provides consultancy services and technical assistance. Many publications provide professional training and post graduate courses on the subject.

Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment
24, rue Joseph Fourier
38400 St. Martin d'Heres
Government research institute on building materials and construction
Development Workshop
B.P. 13
82110 Lauzerte
Technical assistance group for Human Settlements in the Third World; wide experience in low-cost building technologies

ENTPE National School of State Public Work Laboratory Geo Materiaux rue Maurice Audin 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin
Research laboratory for building materials; experience in earth construction technologies

Groupe de Recherche et
d'Echanges Technologiques
213, rue Lafayette
75010 Paris
Research and development organization, provides information and technical assistance; many interesting publications

International Union of Testing and Research
Laboratories for Materials and Structures
12, rue Brancion
75700 Paris Cedex 15
Organizes international workshops and conferences on low-cost building materials

Germany, Federal Republic of

Wall Building Advisory Service

c/o GATE
Partner of the Building Advisory Service and Information Network (BASIN), specialized in wall construction

Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften
und Rohstoffe
Stilleweg 2
30655 Hannover 51
Research and information centre on mineral resources; wide experience on laterites

Bremer Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur
Uberseeforschung und Entwicklung
Bahnhofplatz 13,
28195 Bremen 1
Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association; rural and urban development projects (eg Pune, India)

DESWOS Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe fur soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen e.V. Bismarckstrasse 7 50672 Koln 1
Small non-profit organization which provides research, development and financial assistance in cooperative housing projects, mainly Latin America and Southern Asia

German Appropriate Technology Exchange
Dag-Hammarskjold-Weg 1
Postfach 51 80
65726 Eschborn
Division of the German Agency for Technical Cooperation; provides extensive information service and conducts research and development projects worldwide; numerous useful publications

Gesamthochschule Kassel
Forschungslabor fur Experimentelles Bauen
Menzelstrasse 13
34121 Kassel
Research laboratory for experimental building; leading German centre for soil building research and development of various other innovative constructions

Institute for Lightweight Structures (IL) University of Stuttgart Pfaffenwaldring 14 70569 Stuttgart 80
Research and development institute, dealing with natural and synthetic materials for light, tensile roof structures; research project in India on innovative bamboo constructions

Informationszentrum Raum und Bau
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Munchen
Nobelstrasse 12
70569 Stuttgart 80
Documentation and information centre for all aspects of building and planning

Kreditantstalt fur Wiederaufbau
Palmengartenstrasse 5 - 9
60325 Frankfurt 11
Finance institution, providing development assistance in many fields

Technische Universitat Berlin
Planen und Bauen in Entwicklungslandern Fachbereich 8, Institut II, Sekr. A 53 Strasse des 17. Juni 135 10623 Berlin 12
Educational and research institution on all aspects of planning and building in developing countries

Technische Hochschule Darmstadt Fachgebiet Planen und Bauen in Entwicklungslandern Petersenstrasse 15 64287 Darmstadt
Educational and research institution on all aspects of planning and building in developing countries

TRIALOG Vereinigung zur wiss. Erforschung des Planens und Bauens in Entwicklungslandern e.V. Ploenniesstrasse 18 64289 Darmstadt
Association of experts of all fields related to planning and building in developing countries; quarterly journal TRIALOG (mainly in German)


Building & Road Research Institute
P.O. Box 40 University

Well-known research institute; wide experience in laterite and soil construction; many publications

University of Science and Technology Faculty of Architecture Department of Housing and Planning University Post Office Kumasi
Educational and research institution, (developed the TEK-Block soil block press); technical assistance and advisory services provided through the Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC)


CEMAT Centro de Estudios Mesoamericanos sobre Tecnologia Apropiada 4a avenida 2-28, zona 1 Apartado Postal 1160 Guatemala Ciudad
AT organization providing information services and development assistance; experience and publications on low-cost housing technologies; quarterly publication RED Newsletter

Centro de Tecnologia Apropiada
"Manuel Guaran"
Apartado 1779
Guatemala Ciudad
Research and development of local construction materials and appropriate technologies
CETA Centro de Experimentacion en Tecnologia Apropiada Apartado 66-F Guatemala Ciudad
Research centre for appropriate technologies; developed the CETA-Ram soil block press

Instituto Centroamericano de
Investigaciones y Tecnologia Industrial
Apartado Postal 1552
Guatemala Ciudad
Central industrial research institute of Central America, providing information and technical assistance; several publications


Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology P.O. Box 115 Bangalore 560 052
Technology information centre of UN ESCAP; publishes bimonthly newsletter "Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor"

Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012
Centre for the Application of Science & Technology to Rural Areas; research and development of low-cost building techniques; design of ASTRAM block press


Appropriate Technology Development Association
P.O.Box 311
Ghandi Bhawan
Lucknow 226 001
AT organization, providing information, training, development assistance; special experience in small-scale cement production; newsletter "ap-tech"

Auroville Building Center (AV-BC) Earth Architecture Department Ind-605101 Auroshilpam Tamil Nadu
Resource center for Appropriate Building Technologic course and production of equipment for many constructions.


Central Building Research Institute
Roorkee 247 667
Leading Asian research institute for building materials and technologies, numerous useful publications

Consortium on Rural Technology
D-320, Laxmi Nagar
New Delhi 110 092
Institution which promotes and disseminates information on rural technologies; no research of its own, but coordination of research between other institutions

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrum
Trivandrum 695 019
Research institution; improvements in low-cost building materials, especially thatch roofing


Centre of Science for Villages
Magan Sangrahalaya
Wardha 442 001
AT organization, providing information and technical assistance; newsletter "Science for Villages"

Development Alternatives B-32, Institutional Area TARA Crescent New Mehrauli Road New Delhi-110 016
Non-profit organization providing multi-disciplinary expertise in low-cost building technologies (especially soil constructions); designed the BALRAM soil block press

Forest Research Institute
New Forest
Dehra Dun 248 006
Research and training on applications of forestry products for building

Habitat Technology Network
Building Centre, Sarai Kale Khan
East Nizamuddin
New Dehli 110013

Indian Institute of Technology (IO)
Department of Civil Engineering
Building Technology Division
Madras 600 036
Educational and research institute on building technologies; designed the IIT Cam block press

National Buildings Organization "G" Wing, Nirman Bhavan Maulana Azad Road New Delhi 110 011
Central coordinating organization for housing and building research and implementation; numerous useful publications; UN regional centre of ESCAP

National Council for Cement and Building Materials M-10 South Extension Part-it New Delhi 110 049
Leading coordination and information centre of the Indian cement and building materials industries

Regional Research Laboratory (C.S.I.R.) Applied Civil Engineering Division Jorhat 785 006, Assam
Building materials and technology research institute; experience in bamboocrete, ferrocement, agro-wastes

Structural Engineering Research Centre
CSIR Campus
Madras 600 113
Research institution with specialization in precast concrete and ferrocement construction

University of Roorkee
Department of Civil Engineering
Roorkee 247 667
Educational and research institution on various fields of building technology


Ceramic Research and Development Institute Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani 392 Bandung
Government research institute, providing information and assistance in improving clay brick and roof tile production

Yayasan Dian Desa
P.O. Box 19
AT organization, with some experience in bamboocrete and fibre concrete; monthly bulletin "TARIK" and other publications

Institute of Human Settlements (IHS)
Agency for Research and Development
Ministry of Public Works &
UN Regional Centre for Human Settlements
84, Jalan Tamansari
Leading building material and technology research institute, providing information and development assistance; UN regional centre of ESCAP


Facoltà di Architettura
Politecnico di Torino
Viale Mattioli 39
Torino 10125
Department of Turin Polytechnic involved in building technology research (eg gypsum-sisal conoids)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Via delle Terme di Caracalla
00142 Roma
UN organization providing information on building materials from agricultural and forestry products and wastes


Yarmouk University
Department of Civil Engineering
Research on cementitious building materials


United Nations Centre for Human Settlements
P.O. Box 30030
Central coordinating body on housing, building and planning; project implementation, international conferences; numerous publications; "HABITAT News" published three times a year

HRDU Housing Research and Development Unit University of Nairobi P.O. Box 30197 Nairobi
Leading research institution on all aspects of low-cost housing and building materials

Intermediate Technology Kenya 22 Chiromo Access Road Off Riverside Drive P.O. Box 39493 Nairobi
Project work on small-scale production of concrete products and building stone, low cost housing, marketing of building products and appropriate building standards. Dissemination of information and local networking in the areas of housing and building materials through the Shelter Forum


Ministry of Housing and Local Government
Jalan Cendersari
50646 Kuala Lumpur
Research and Technology Planning Division concerned with building materiels and construction technologies for low-cost housing

University Technology Malaysia
Faculty of Built Environment
Karung Berkunci 791
80900 Johor Bahru
Educational and research institution dealing with low-cost housing technologies


Centro nacional de investigaciones de construccion con tierra y energies alternatives
M. Imaz Ferriz Alberto, Directeur General
Saltillo N° 31, Col. Condesa
Mex-Mexico D.F.

Centro Operacional de Vivienda y Poblamiento
Tlaloc 40-2
Col. Tlaxpana
Mexico DF 11370
Housing research and development institution, providing information and assistance in project implementation

Sociedad Mexicana de Ingineria Sismica A.C.
Camino Santa Teresa 187
Apartado Postal 70-227
Mexico DF 04510
Information and advisory centre for earthquake resistant construction


His Majesty's Government of Nepal
Department of Housing,
Building & Physical Planning
Babar Mahal
Building research institution; experience in soil-cement, stone, concrete products


International Council for Building
Research Studies and Documentation
Weena 704
P.O. Box 20704
3001 JA Rotterdam
Association of building research experts and organization which coordinates research activities and information dissemination through technical working commissions, conferences and publications

Delft University of Technology
CICAT (Centre for International Cooperation and Appropriate Technology)
P.O. Box 5048
Stevinweg 1
2600 GA Delft
AT organization which undertakes numerous research and development projects in developing countries; several useful publications, "AT News" published 3 times a year, joint publishers of "AT Source"

Socially Appropriate Technology
International Information Services
Postbus 803
3500 AV Utrecht
Information and documentation centre for appropriate technologies in all fields; publishes a comprehensive catalogue of useful AT publications

Technical University
Den Dolech 2
P.O.Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
Educational and research institution; special field of research of the Faculty of Architecture and Building: bamboo constructions

Technische Ontwikkeling Ontwikkelingslanden
(Technical Development with Developing Countries)
Sarphatistraat 650
1018 AV Amsterdam
AT centre with bookshop; coordination of research studies and publications; joint publishers of AT journal "AT Source" (formally VRAAGBAAK)


National Commission for Museums and monuments
M. Ogunsusi Valentine Adebowale
WAN-Jos PMB 2031
Resource and training centre on earth architecture. National Museum Jobs


Appropriate Technology
Development Organization
Ministry of Science & Technology
1 - A & B 47th Street, F - 7/1
AT organization with regional offices in Karachi and Lahore; ATDO Karachi (St. No. 10-A, Block No. 4, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Scheme No. 24, Karachi) specializes in building materials (eg soil cement blocks, concrete hollow blocks)

National Building Research Institute
F-40, S.I.T.E.
Hub River Road
Government research institute, mainly dealing with cementitious materials and products; built first RHA-lime house (Bibl. 24.16)


Grupo de Tecnologia Apropiada
Apartado 8046
Panamá 7
AT organization, providing information and technical assistance

Papua New Guinea

South Pacific Appropriate
Technology Foundation
P.O. Box 6937
AT organization with experience in soil block construction and fibre concrete roofing; publish "Liklik Buk" and quarterly newsletters "Yumi Kirapim" and "SPATF NIUS"


Centro de Tecnología Apropiada
Universidad Católica
"Ntra. Sra. de la Asuncion"
Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnologia
Casilla de Correos 1718
AT organization with main emphasis on building technologies: developed CTA Triple soil block press, timber flood resistant housing, comprehensive research project on rural housing improvements to prevent the Chagas disease


Apartado Postal 5603
Correo Central
Lima 1
Technical assistance group, dedicated to promoting soil construction technologies; developed a soil block press for earthquake resistant soil block construction

Intermediate Technology Peru
Casilla 18-0620
Lima 18
Project work on community-based planning, housing, especially disaster resistant housing, and work on building materials production in collaboration with local ego's


Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines
6th Floor, Trade & Industry Centre
Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village
Makati Metro Manila
Principal agency concerned with building materials and construction technologies, conducting a Construction Technology Research and Development (CTRD) program for better R & D coordination and implementation

Forest Products Research and Development Institute
Los Baños
Leading research institute on timber and vegetable building materials, and use of agro- and forestry wastes; several publications

National Housing Authority
Elliptical Road
Querzon City
Government institution responsible for housing development and implementation

Philippine Center for Appropriate
Technology and Training
224 Diego Silang Street
Batangas City 4201
AT information centre; various publications, but only few on building materials, eg bamboo, coconut palm

UNDP/UNIDO Regional Network in Asia for Low-Cost Building Materials Technology and Construction Systems (RENAS-BMTCS)
Office of the Regional Secretariat
10th Floor, Allied Bank Building
Ayala Avenue, Makati
Metro Manila
Regional information centre designed as a facility to merge common interests and promote mutual assistance among building research institutions in Asia and the Pacific; publish quarterly newsletter NETWORK MONITOR, and several monographs on low-cost building materials


Nanyang Technological Institute
School of Civil & Structural Engineering
Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 2263
Research on alternative building materials, eg sewage sludge for brick production

National University of Singapore
Department of Civil Engineering
Kent Ridge
Singapore 0511
Educational and research institute with wide experience in ferrocement and fibre concrete constructions, also in waste utilization, soil consolidation, etc.

South Africa

National Building Research Institute
P.O. Box 395
Pretoria 0001
Development of various innovative low-cost building techniques, especially adobe and concrete constructions

Sri Lanka

National Building Research Organization
99/1 Jawatta Road
Government research institute, experience in soil-cement, clay brick and concrete constructions


Building and Road Research Institute
University of Khartoum
P.O. Box 321
Government research institution with experience in fibre concrete construction and other low-cost housing technologies


Birkagatan 27
113 39 Stockholm
Product development enterprise for appropriate technologies; developed a low-cost space frame construction

NFC- Natural Fibre Concrete AG
P.O. Box 1512
S-172 29 Sundbyberg

Swedish Association for
Development of Low-Cost Housing
Arkitektur 1
P.O. Box 118
Solvegatan 24
221 00 Lund
Technical research and development assistance group, attached to Lund University; special low-cost housing experience in Tunisia

Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute
100 44 Stockholm
Amongst other research, specialization in the durability of natural fibres in fibre concrete


Roofing Advisory Service
c/o SKAT
Partner of the Building Advisory Service and Information Network (BASIN), specialized in roof construction

ETH Honggerberg
Institut fur Hochbautechnik
8093 Zurich
Research institute, with specialization in soil technologies and ferrocement

International Labour Organization
4, route des Morillons
1211 Geneva 22
UN body, providing development assistance in low-cost building technologies; many publications

Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management
Vadianstrasse 42
9000 St. Gallen
AT organization with bookshop; coordination of research studies and publications; technical advisory services; especially on roofing


Ardhi Institute
Centre for Housing Studies
P.O. Box 35124
Dar es Salaam
Professional training and research institute with information and documentation unit

Building Research Unit
Mpakani Road
P.O. Box 1964
Dar es Salaam
Government vocational training and research institute, with information and documentation unit

Small Industries Development Association
P.O. Box 2476
Dar es Salaam
Local promotion of small industries including those of building materials production, for example in the areas of clay bricks, concrete roofing tiles and lime


Asian Institute of Technology
P.O. Box 2754
Bangkok 10501
Leading research institution, with Human Settlements Division (LOK BILD system and ocher technologies) and International Ferrocement Information Center

Chulalongkom University
Faculty of Architecture
Phya Thai Road
Bangkok 10500
Educational and research institute with experience in low-cost constructions

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
The United Nations Building
Rajadamnem Avenue
Bangkok 10200
UN body, with a special ESCAP/UNIDO Division of Industry, Human Settlements and Technology, which conducts international conferences (eg on building materials, 1987), research studies and training seminars; numerous publications

National Housing Authority
905 Sukapibal 1
Bangkok 10240
Government institution responsible for housing development and implementation

Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)
196 Phahonyothin Rd.
Bangkok 10900
Leading research institution covering all fields of low-cost building materials and construction technologies


Centre de la Construction et du Logement (CCL)
B.P. 1762
Building research and information centre, specialized in low-cost building materials

United Kingdom

Associated Housing Advisory Services
P.O. Box 397
London E8 1BA
Research organization with information and consultancy services on all aspects of low-income housing and self-help construction

Cements and Binders Advisory Service
c/o ITDG
Partner of the Building Advisory Service and Information Network (BASIN), specialized in cements and binders

Cambridge Architectural Research Limited
The Oast House
Malting Lane
Cambridge CB3 9HF
Consultancy specialized in various disciplines related to architecture, including appropriate climatic design and construction technology in developing countries

Intermediate Technology Development Group
Myson House
Railway Terrace
Rugby CV21 3HT
Leading AT organization, whose establishment gave birth to the worldwide AT movement; provides information and consultancy services, and conducts technical cooperation projects

Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd.
103 - 105 Southhampton Row
London WC1B 4HH
Publishing arm of ITDG; largest selection of AT literature in the IT Bookshop; publish quarterly journals "Appropriate Technology" and "Waterlines' among numerous important publications

Intermediate Technology Workshops
Overend Road
Cradley Heath
Warley, West Midlands B64 7DD
Private organization involved in the development of improved techniques for building materials production; developed noumerous machines and equipment

Overseas Development Administration Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Eland House
Stag Place
London SW1E 5DH
Government agency for development assistance

109, High Street
Portstnouth P01 2HJ
Consultancy specialized in the development of non-metallic rock and mineral resources and building materials industries

United States of America

Agency for International Development (AID)
Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20523
United States development aid organization, providing financial and technical assistance, and information service

AT International
1331 H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005
Development assistance corporation, promoting small enterprise development by evaluation nod transfer of AT

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of International Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20410
Development assistance institution with extensive documentation on all aspects of housing, building and planning

International Council of Earth Builders (ICEB)
419 North Larchmont Blvd., Ste. 72
Los Angeles, California 90004

International Disaster Specialists
P.O. Box 10502
Dallas, TEX 75207
Organization that deals with disaster mitigation and post-disaster shelter and housing; "International Newsletter: Earthen buildings in seismic areas"

Transnational Network for Appropriate Technology
P.O. Box 567
Rangeley, ME 04970
Non-profit organization with subscription-paying members; facilitates exchange of information and ideas among members from numerous countries and professional fields

Volunteers in Technical Assistance
1815 North Lynn Street, Suite 200
P.O. Box 12438
Arlington, VA 22209
Organization providing technical assistance to groups involved in the development of small-scale low-capital investment tools and techniques

Volunteers in Asia
Appropriate Technology Project
P.O. Box 4543
Stanford, CA 94305
Information and documentation unit, which publishes the most comprehensive bibliographical reference book: "Appropriate Technology Sourcebook" (Bibl. 00.07)


The Institute of Building Materials
Ministry of Construction
Thuong Dinh
Dong Da
R. & D. on production and use of appriopriate building materials such as cement, lime, fired clay bricks, board and sheet materials and fibre reinforced concrete


Intermediate Technology Zimbabwe
Gorlon House, 2nd Floor
7 Jason Moyo Avenue
Project work on building serials production and housing concentrating on clay brick production and stabilized soil blocks and networking with local organizations.

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