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close this bookClimate Responsive Building - Appropriate Building Construction in Tropical and Subtropical Regions (SKAT; 1993; 324 pages)
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5.5 List of possible plant species

Source:Kaiser Talib [-++-]

Scientific Name

Common Name

Characteristics / Uses

a) Shading trees, windbreaks

Acacia seyal


Thorny tree, soil binder for rocky sandy soil

Albizzia julibrissin


Rapid growth, shade, timber-yielding

Casuarina equisetifolia


Evergreen, ideal windbreak, salt tolerant

Eucalyptus camaldulensis


Red-GumTall evergreen windbreak, soil binder

Eucalyptus citriodora

Lemon-scented gum

Evergreen, multi-trunk, windbreak

Ficus bengalensis

Banyan tree

Excellent shade, dust control, windbreak

Ficus altissima


Deciduous, compact crown, cool shade, dangerous roots for buildings

Melia azedarach


Deciduous, cool shade, dust erosion control

Prosopis juliflora


Small deciduous tree, deep-rooted soil binder

Tamarix aphylla


Evergreen, excellent soil binder, salt resistant

b) Ornamental shrub-trees

Caesalpinia pulcherima

Barbados pride

Spiny shrub, screen, erosion control

Lawsonia inermis


Evergreen, soil binder, wind and salt resistant

Ficus nitida


Evergreen, crown compact, windbreak

Hibiscus rosa sinensis

China rose

Erosion control, drought tolerant, ornamental

Moringa peregrina


Deciduous, soil binder, erosion control

Nerium oleander

Common oleander

Excellent screen, hedge, windbreak

Parkinsonia aculeata

Jerusalem Thorn

Evergreen, drought resistant, soil binder

Plumeria rubra


Succulent shrub, light shade, erosion control

Terrminalia catappa

Indian almond

Deciduous, soil binder, dust control

Thevetia nerifolia

Yellow oleander

Poisonous, soil binder, heat tolerant

c) Palms

Phoenix dactylifera

Date palm

Evergreen, erosion, dust and glare control

Phoenix canariensis

Canary Island palm

Dwarf form, erosion and reflection control

Washingtonia filifera

Washingtonia palm

Dust control, avenue tree, slow grower

Washington robusta

Washingtonia palm

Dust control, avenue tree, slow grower

d) Ground covers

Asparagus sprengeri


Evergreen creeper, soil binder, glare control

Bougainvillea spectabilis


Thorny timber, erosion & reflection control

Carissa grandiflora

Natal plum

Excellent erosion control, moisture retainer

Clerodendron inerme

False jasmine

Ideal hedge, slope stabilizer etc.

Dodonaea viscosalinn

Clammy hopseed

Woody shrub, ideal hedge, windbreak

Ipomoea pescaprae

Morning glory

Trailing vine, ideal soil binder, ground cover

Jasminum azoricum

Azores jasmine

Shrubby twiner, reflection and heat control

Ocimum basilicum

Sweet basil

Aromatic, ideal for erosion control

e) Cacti / succulents

Agave americana

Century plant

Ideal slope stabilizer for sandy soil

Americana marginata

Caribbean Aloe

Rock plant, checks glare & erosion

Aloe vera


Medicinal, noise and erosion control

Mesembryanthemum sp.

Ice plant

Excellent ground cover, natural desalinator

Opuntia fiscus indica

Prickly pear

Thornless cactus, slope stabilizer, fruit edible


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