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close this bookAppropriate Food Packaging (ILO)
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Open this folder and view contents1 Food and packaging
Open this folder and view contents2 Types of food and prevention of deterioration
Open this folder and view contents3 Packaging materials
Open this folder and view contents4 Filling and labelling
Open this folder and view contents5 Production, re-use and re-cycling of packaging
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View the documentA - References to literature related to packaging of food
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View the documentC International packaging research institutes
View the documentD Bilateral packaging research institutes
View the documentE National institutes of packaging
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D Bilateral packaging research institutes

These institutes are usually (semi) private research institutes interested in international exchange of experience and knowledge in packaging technology, education and training of packaging specialists, international standardization of packaging and marketing They might charge for their assistance.


Asian Packaging Federation c/o Hapan Packaging Institute Honshu Building, 2-5 chome Ginza Higashi, Chou-ku Tokyo Japan

Indian Institute of Packaging H-24 Green Park Extension New Delhi 16 India

Packaging Institute of the Philippines Room 207 Far East Building Buendia Avenue Makati, Rizal Philippines

Hong Kong Productivity Centre Rooms 512-516 Gloucester Building Des Voeux Road c P.O. Box 16132 Hong Kong

Korea Packaging Institute Daewan Building 513 111 Hap Dong Suh Dae Mun-Ku Seoul Republic of Korea

Thailand Industrial Product Design Centre Department of Industrial Promotion Ministry of Industry Rama VI Road Phyathai Bangkok Thailand

The National Packaging Association of Australia Manufacturers House 370 St. Kilda Road Melbourne 3004 Australia

Latin America

Centro Argentino de Servicios y Estudios del Packaging (CESEP) Hipolito Yrigoyen 850 Buenos Aires Argentina

Instituto Mexicano del Envase y Embalaje AG Asociacion Nacional de Importadores y Exportadores de la Republica Mexicana (ANIERM) Paseo de la Reforma No. 122 Mexico 6 DF Mexico

Middle East

The Israel Institute of Packaging and Industrial Design 2 Carlebach Street P.O. Box 20038 Tel-Aviv Israel


European Packaging Federation (see World Packaging Organisation)

Inhaber der Firmen Tuwa and Tuwaplastik Dampfmuhlgasse 5 X! Vienna Austria

Osterreichisches Institut fur Verpackungswesen Franz Nein-Gasse 1 A-1190 Vienna Austria

Laboratoire General pour Emballages 105 Boulevard Suchet Paris 16 France

Institut fur Lebensmitteltechnologie und Verpackung Schragenhofstr 35 8000 Munich 54 Germany

Beratungsstelle fur Seemassige Verpackung Bleichenbrucke 10 Hamburg 36R Germany

PIRA Randalls Road Leatberhead, Surrey KT22 7RU United Kingdom

British Plastic Federation 5 Belgrade Square London SW1X 8PH United Kingdom

Institute TNO for Packaging Research Schoemakerstraat 97 Delft Netherlands

Stichting Verpakkingssontwikkeling Nederland Parkstraat 18 The Hague Netherlands

Sprenger Instituut
Haagweg 6
6708 PM Wageningen

The Norwegian Pulp and Paper Research Institute Post Box 250 Vinderen, Oslo Norway

Norwegian Agricultural Institute for Food Packaging Boks 64 Vollebekk Pr Oslo Norway
Swedish Packaging Research Institute Elektravagen 53 Box 42054 Stockholm 42 Sweden

North America

The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. 355 Lexington Avenue New York NY 10017 United States

Flexible Packaging Association 1111 19th Street NW Washington DC 20036 United States

The Packaging Institute
342 Madison Avenue
New York NY 10017
United States

Packaging Association of Canada 45 Charles Street East Toronto 5 Canada

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