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close this bookAppropriate Food Packaging (ILO)
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close this folder1 Food and packaging
View the document1.1 The importance of food processing
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1.4 The aim of this book

It is hoped that this book will assist the small and medium food manufacturer to consider not only which packaging is best for their product but other related aspects. The whole package including its materials, label and shipping container should be considered as part of the overall business plan and not, as often happens, as an afterthought. The book is mainly written for entrepreneurs who wish to increase their sales and competitiveness by improving their business. Some of the technologies described may appear too large and costly for the very small cottage industry sector. In many cases, however, it is companies from this sector which, with advice and good management, have grown into well known brand names.

It is also hoped that this publication will be of interest to food research institutions, non-government organizations, development workers and extension workers who are involved in projects to improve the small-scale food processing industry sector.

It is believed that this book is somewhat unique in the bibliography of packaging, concentrating as it does on the small-scale application of packaging against a background of basic food technology.

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