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close this bookWIT's World Ecology Report - Vol. 08, No. 3 (WIT; 1996; 16 pages)
View the documentPublic Health and Environmental Policies in Brazil
View the documentSchistosomiasis in Egypt: Past-Present-Future
View the documentHealth and Environment From War to Recovery: The Case of Lebanon
View the documentEnvironmental Health Impact Assessment on Development Activities
View the documentRemarks of H.E. Yuri Shcherbak, Ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S. on the Tenth Anniversary of Chernobyl, April 26th, 1996
View the documentInfectious Diseases and Climate Change
View the documentCancer and the Human Environment
View the documentThe Relationship Between Diet and Chronic Diseases
View the documentPsychological Factors and Environmental Health
View the documentPoint of View

WIT's World Ecology Report - Vol. 08, No. 3

Knowledge brings new choices. Education brings new knowledge.

Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian & Ukrainian

WIT World Information Transfer

Fall 1996


Health and Environment: Global Partners for Global Solutions


This Special Issue of the World Ecology Report represents the second of a two part series and contains those abstracts of papers presented at our past Health and Environment: Global Partners for Global Solutions Conferences not included in the first part of this series. This volume also contains the edited versions of the keynote addresses presented by the representatives of the co-sponsoring countries. The issues are organized by topic rather than conference theme. Further information on the papers published in these two special issues is available from World Information Transfer headquarters.

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