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close this bookWIT's World Ecology Report - Vol. 09, No. 1 (WIT; 1997; 16 pages)
View the documentSPECIAL FOCUS: The World’s Forests and Human Health
View the documentPOINT: Modern Timbering Contributes to Forest Fires
View the documentCOUNTERPOINT: Only the Logging Industry Can Save Our Forests
View the documentDid You Know?
View the documentCHERNOBYL UPDATE: Turning Nuclear Swords Into Hazardous Plowshares
View the documentFOOD FOR THOUGHT: A Hopeful Future for the United Nations Under Kofi Annan
View the documentHEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT: Environmental Health Policies: A View From Africa
View the documentGood News
View the documentVoices
View the documentPOINT OF VIEW: Faith and Fear of the Future

WIT's World Ecology Report - Vol. 09, No. 1

Spring 1997

Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian & Ukrainian

Knowledge brings new choices. Education brings new knowledge.

World Information Transfer

A Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization in Consultative Status with the United Nations, Promoting Health and Environment Literacy.

Board of Directors

Dr. Christine K. Durbak, Chair
Mr. Farouk Mawlawi, Executive Vice Chair
Mr. Roland A. DeSilva, Vice Chair
Dr. Claudia Strauss, Secretary
Ms. Carolyn Comitta, Treasurer
Dr. Titus Podea Legal Adviser
Dr. Shahram Ayazi
Amb. Alexander Borg-Olivier
Christopher Geoghegan
Dr. Bernard D. Goldstein
Dr. Wadi Haddad
Dr. Maria Pavlova
Amb. Yuri Shcherbak
Dr. Alex Swistel
Dr. Luz Maritza Tennassee
Mr. Jay Walker


WIT has expert speakers who can address your company, club or organization on the relationship between health and the environment. Call or write the WIT office for information or reservations.


WIT is a non-profit, international, nongovernmental organization, in consultative status with the United Nations, dedicated to forging understanding of the relationship between health and environment among opinion leaders and concerned citizens around the world. You can help us with your letters, your time, and/or your donations.

WIT’S World Ecology Report

World Information Transfer, Inc.
(ISSN #1080-3092)

444 Park Avenue South, Suite 1202
New York, NY 10016
Telephone: (212) 686-1996
Fax: (212) 686-2172

Dr. Christine K. Durbak
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Claudia Strauss
Managing Editor

Dora Rak
June Reed
Igor Spiniov
Jackie Jacovino
Contributing Editors

Carolyn T. Comitta
Circulation Manager

Mohamed Ben Said - Arabic
Dr. Jun-Yan Hong - Chinese
Dennis Uhrin - Russian
Pablo Golibart - Spanish
Dennis Uhrin - Ukrainian
Language Editors

Dr. Andrew Tooziak

Alan Geoghegan
John and Gabriel Gelinas
Video Production

Carolyn T. Comitta
WIT Regional Director - North America
18 West Chestnut Street
West Chester, PA 19380
Tel: (610) 696-3896
Fax: (610) 430-3804

Taras Bojchuk
Dr. Wilktoria Hawryluk
WIT Regional Directors - Eastern Europe
K. Levyckoho 11a, Apt. 15
Lviv, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: (380) 322 76-40-39

Christopher Geoghegan
Leon Hauser
WIT Regional Directors - Western Europe
EPO Patentlaan 2
Rijswilk 2288EE Holland
Tel: (70) 340-2040
Fax: (70) 340-3016

Dr. Hamid Taravaty
WIT Regional Director - Middle Asia
No. 19, Pastour 16
Mashad, Iran
Tel: (98) 51 641-942
Fax: (98) 51 711-896

Dr. M. R. Khawlie
WIT Regional Director - Middle East
National Center for Remote Sensing
P.O.B. 11-8281, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: 961-1-822665
Fax: 961-1-822639

Gerry Lynch
WIT Regional Director - Oceania
3/55 William Street, Suite 33
Double Bay, NSW 2028, Australia
Tel: 61 (02) 328-6343
Fax: 61 (02) 482-7734

Christopher J. Moorehead, P. Eng.
WIT Regional Director - Canada
30 Whitewood Road
Toronto, Ontario Canada M45 2X7
Tel: (416) 923-2918
Fax: (416) 923-7521

Electronic edition available on and

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