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Ukrainian Library for Schools

World Information Transfer (WIT), which has general consultative status from the United Nations/ECOSOC, and, combine the technologies of CD-ROM with the Internet. The CD-ROM project contains Sustainable Development and Health information ranging from instructions on how to build a water pump to the philosophy behind conservation and preventing illness. The goal is to expand the knowledge base in health, sustainable development, English and HIV/AIDS, in which Governments, UN agencies, NGOs and other segments of Civil Society including Universities and Research Centers cooperate and share their essential information with nations in transition and developing countries.

The relative low cost of the project recognizes the divisions within developed countries and nations in transition; between those who utilize ICT and those whose lack of education and income prevent them from engaging these tools. The objective of the project is to provide all persons or community groups with computer capabilities, direct access to this basic library of over 10,000 books, containing most multidisciplinary solutions, know-how and ideas at low cost.

The goals of the project are:

  1. creating market friendly environments to accelerate global access to information and communication by inspiring other humanitarian and development related low-cost information products;
  2. reducing poverty and exclusion by providing any individual who has an interest in tackling poverty at the local, neighborhood level, access to relevant information; and
  3. improving education and health.

The Government of Ukraine has agreed to the distribution of the CD-ROM library to schools around the country, thus enabling us to implement the project's third goal and establish a model for future country specific distribution. A special version of the CD-ROM library for schools has been constructed specifically for the needs of Ukrainian students and in the national Ukrainian language. This CD ROM project also contains all the information from the UN HIV/AIDS program.

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