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Machines for drilling
Machines for grinding
Maintenance of community water sources
Make hay to preserve fodder
Make sure your clients know the terms
Making adobe blocks
Making artificial rabbit tails
Making cities sustainable
Making markets work for the poor
Making money from honey
Making Screw Joints
Malaria control in a nutshell
Management Accounting
Management and Administration
Management of Harmful Substances
Management of the common symptoms of AIDS in the home
Management of water resources
Management techniques
Manual woodworking techniques
Manufacture of concrete culvert rings
Market information needs checklist
Marketing Co-operatives
Marketing plan
Marketing Tools
Masonry and carpentry projects
Mass teaching methods
Mechanisms of people's participation
Medical care
Mental disorders
Mental health
Mental health providers
Methanol Production
Mining Methods
Misuse of insecticides
Moisture Content of Wood
A more effective development role for the United Nations
A more effective voice for poor countries and people
A more practical approach to education in the developing countries.
Mother-to-child transmission
Moulds for plastic clay pressing, biscuit clay moulds

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