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Просмотр документа / View the document1. INTRODUCTION
Просмотр документа / View the document2. GENERAL INFORMATION ON SOAP
Просмотр документа / View the document3. THE RAW MATERIALS
Просмотр документа / View the document4. THE MANUFACTURE OF SOAP
Просмотр документа / View the document5. THE TREATMENT OF OILS AND FATS
Просмотр документа / View the document6. SAPONIFICATION: COLD PROCESS
Просмотр документа / View the document7. SAPONIFICATION: SEMI-BOILED PROCESS
Просмотр документа / View the document8. SAPONIFICATION: FULL BOILED PROCESS
Просмотр документа / View the document9. SAPONIFICATION: CONTINUOUS PROCESS
Просмотр документа / View the document10. THE COOLING AND DRYING OF SOAP
Просмотр документа / View the document11. FINISHING SOAP
Просмотр документа / View the document12. PRODUCTION OPTIONS
Просмотр документа / View the document14. CDI EXPERIENCE IN SOAP FACTORY PROJECTS
Просмотр документа / View the document15. IMPLEMENTING A SOAP FACTORY PROJECT
Просмотр документа / View the document16. EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS
Просмотр документа / View the document17. TURNKEY SUPPLIERS AND ENGINEERING OFFICES
Просмотр документа / View the document18. THE SOAP MAKERS
Просмотр документа / View the document19. DEVELOPING A SOAP FACTORY PROJECT
Просмотр документа / View the document20. CHECKLIST: RAW MATERIALS
Просмотр документа / View the document21. CHECKLIST: THE SOAP MARKET
Просмотр документа / View the document22. CHECKLIST: DATA FOR A FEASIBILITY STUDY
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Soap Production


This document was originally prepared on the basis of information provided by the institutions profiled. Despite all efforts made in updating and verifying the information, the Centre for the Development of Industry does not accept responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. The inclusion of an institution in this document does not imply any commitment on the part of that institution to provide any of the services described.

Centre for the Development of Industry
Avenue Herrmann Debroux, 52
Tel. +32 2 679 18 11
Fax +32 2 675 26 03
Telex 61 427 cdi b

Since it was founded in 1977, the Centre for the Development of Industry (CDI) has acquired extensive technical and commercial know-how in the creation, development and rehabilitation of small and medium-sized industries in the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific), particularly through the establishment of lasting partnerships with companies in the European Union.

In publishing this collection of "Practical Guides", the CDI is meeting a clearly expressed need by ACP promoters and companies in the EU wishing to lay the foundations for industrial cooperation. The purpose of these guides is to enable them to adapt to the technical, commercial, financial, administrative and legal environment of the different countries. Designed to ease their task by providing detailed information - in simple practical terms - on a specific aspect or field of their activities, these guides are intended above all to be effective tools which managers can use on a day-to-day basis.

To prepare the guides, the CDI calls upon the services of consultants, researchers and businessmen - in both the ACP countries and the European Union - with extensive experience in the field concerned, in the practical problems actually encountered by entrepreneurs and in the solutions to be applied. Whenever circumstances allow, the CDI cooperates with partners (consultancy bureau, research body, specialised institution, etc.) to ensure that the guides are as widely circulated as possible.

This guide has been compiled by Dr Marc Donnez, a Belgian national with a doctorate in chemistry, as well as postgraduate degrees in business management and international marketing.




© 1995 CDI, Brussels
(French version published in 1993)
This volume of CDI Guides is published by the CDI.

May not be sold by persons or organisations other than the CDI.
Price: 20 ecus.

Reproduction authorised with indication of the source, except for commercial purposes.


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